Increase Your photo Resolution Without Losing quality. New Image A. I Technology ImageUpscaler

Indeed, most of us have seen the need to enlarge photos on more than one occasion. But we all know that most times you enlarge a photo, it loses its high-quality resolution. Worry no more, the new Artificial intelligence known as ImageUpscaler from  ImgLarger is here to solve the situation. 

We all know the task of photo enlargement is not complicated when you know how to use some essential image editing tools. However, the problem arises when you realize that it also loses its quality as you start to enlarge the photo. 


upscaled image



What is ImgUpscaler


ImgUpscaler is a new product and brand from ImgLarger. Powered by the upscaling technology from ImgLarger, this artificial intelligence focuses deeply on learning and super-resolution technology. This A. I tool enlarges low-resolution images without any loss of picture quality. ImgUpscaler provides a faster and bulk image upscaling process. It also upscales (batch process) multiple images at one time.

ImgUpscaler is a “free” web tool with which you can enlarge photos and improve their quality. The proposal uses different artificial intelligence technologies to make it possible. Just upload one or more images, select the enlargement (200% or 400%) and in a matter of seconds you will get your files with the highest resolution and quality. In addition.


What is ImgLarger


ImgLarger is a brother to the ImgUpscaler, but it provides more comprehensive AI solutions for your photo enhancement, enlargement, background removal, and even photo to sketch, and photo cartoons. The AI Image Enlarger produces results with higher quality than ImgUpscaler but more time is required. Use ImgLarger if you prefer higher quality and resolution.


Why Use ImgUpscaler


We all know the evolutionary story of mobile devices (handphones) before the advent of Smartphones with high-resolution cameras. Most of these phones in their early induction came with poor camera resolution. They were mostly used for calls and text messages. But as demand for sophisticated handheld devices started increasing, these handphone companies started adding some advanced features like cameras, internet, and audio/visuals. These features gave birth to the Smartphones being used today.

the point I was making was that many folks have old collections of pictures in their old phones but are poor when inserted into today’s modern devices( 3D, HD gadgets). The ImgUpscaler can pull the trick of contrasting these images to get a high-definition angle increasing the quality of these images and at the same time enlarging them.


increasing the quality of images


What You Must Know Before Using ImageUpscaler


Now, there is a fundamental point that you must take into account. There is a limit to using ImgUpscaler for free. Specifically, you can only enlarge a maximum of 5 photos per day, and If you want to increase that amount, you will have to open the portfolio.

You have three options. The first plan, priced at $9, allows you to enlarge as many photos as you need within a 24-hour period. However, if for some reason you need to use it for more than one day, you can pay $19 per month. Finally, you have the annual subscription in exchange for $69 dollars.

Ok, it’s not cheap. But if yours is only occasionally enlarging photos, with the free proposal you have plenty.

Another point to consider has to do with copyright. From ImgUpscaler they promise that the intellectual property of the uploaded photos will not be awarded. However, if you wish, you can provide them with your images so that they can continue to improve their artificial intelligence technology. We should Remember that the learning of artificial intelligence depends on a gigantic data source.


How Does ImageUpscaler Work


The results of ImageUpscaler are positive in the vast majority of images. However, there are certain details that, when enlarging the photos, may not be processed correctly. I noticed, for example, that ImgUpscaler can have a hard time scaling text if it’s not contrasting enough against the background.

So the result also depends on the source material. If you upload an image with deplorable quality, ImgUpscaler will hardly be able to work its magic.


How ImageUpscaler Work


How to Use ImageUpscale on Photo

  1. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO. Upload the image you want to enlarge.
  2. LET CLIPDROP UPSCALER INCREASE THE PHOTO RESOLUTION. Just watch the AI increase the photo resolution for you.
  3. ENJOY YOUR UPSCALED IMAGE. Use the download button to download your upscaled image


How to Unblur a Photo With ImageUpscaler


  1. Upload the photo you’d like to enlarge.
  2. ClipDrop
  3. ImageUpscaler will turn the blur into crisp, clear lines
  4. Click the download button below to save your image as a larger version in JPEG format!
You can also use it on your Mac natively through an application available in the Mac App Store and also Available in android Stores.

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