How to Apply for Sassa Loan via Cellphone

How to Apply for Sassa Loan via Cellphone

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is the national agency of the South African government, created to administer the application, approval and payment of social grants in South Africa to qualifying citizens.

Kinds of SASSA grant loans

Grants administered by SASSA grants exist in order to alleviate and prevent poverty.


Types of grants include:

  • Social Relief of Distress
  • Grants in Aid
  • Child Support Grant
  • Foster Care Grant
  • War Veteran’s Grant
  • Disability Grant
  • Grants for Older Persons

Reporting to the Ministry of Social Development, SASSA grant loans is essentially tasked with ensuring that the government pays the right grant, to the right person, at a location which is most convenient to that person.

In a country like South Africa, where the government is tackling the triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment, social grants have improved the lives of millions of people. Department of Social Development research shows that grants reduce poverty, improve wealth distribution and generate economic growth within communities.

Statistics have showed that 2.5 million people benefitted from social grants in 1993. That number has since surged to more than 16.8 million in 2016. The DSD has also found that more than half of all households in South Africa benefit from government’s social assistance programme.

More than 11 million children benefit from the child support grant alone.

Know more about SASSA Loans Online?

Individuals can apply for a SASSA Loan at their nearest SASSA Office.

Loan amounts range from R240 to a maximum of R1000.

Loans are repayable between 1 and 6 months.

How the application process works:

  • The application form must be completed in presence of an officer from SASSA
  • The applicant gets a receipt for their application
  • It’s free to apply for the loan
  • If you are declined, you will be informed in writing by SASSA
  • You have the option to appeal the decision
  • Loans are given on a qualification basis

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